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The Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall
Redeemer's Fellowship Hall
Parish House, 1989
Parish House before demolition, 1989.

When the school building was sold to the city in 1980, the vacant parsonage became the parish house, and began serving the church as a sunday school building, church kitchen, storage, and general gathering place prior to services, with picnics and other large gatherings held on the lawn in good weather, and in the cramped living room/office area in bad. The resolution to sell the school building called for the construction of a replacement. Initially the plan was to incorporate the parish house in the new building, but in the end it was decided that it was best to just replace the aging structure. In 1990 the parish house was finally razed to build a larger Fellowship Hall. At the same time, the house behind the church came up for sale, and the decision was made to purchase it, and turn the property into a parking lot with a second lot located on land the church already owned on the other side of 37th street.

Construction went on, largely with the help of volunteers, and that fall a dedication service was held, with a copy of the service bulletin and a 1990 penny placed behind the cornerstone.

The Fellowship Hall offers Redeemer a large multi-purpose room for dinners, gathering before and after church, Wonderful Wednesdays turoring, and other programs. In addition there are four sunday school rooms, a finance room, food pantry, storage, and a spacious kitchen.

The stone facade and buttresses compliment the classical archetecture of the church building, while more modern elements, such as the windowed walkway to the church, and the angled enterence, help create an open and contemporary atmosphere.

Property Overview > Church Exterior and Interior > Stained Glass Windows > Fellowship Hall