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Stained Glass Windows

Triple WindowThe church is adorned with a number of beautiful stained glass windows. The Rose Window greets the worshiper as he enters the nave of the church, the Triple Window over the balcony makes a lasting impression on all as Rose Window they leave God's House, and the side windows, given as memorials, represent the twelve apostles and the minor prophets.

The Rose Window

Its deep blues, rubies, golds and greens create a rich, jewl-like effect. The outer panes contain grapes, and fleur-de-lis, representing the Trinity. In the center is the symbol of the Cross and the Crown, which, again, is adorned by fleur-de-lis.

The Triple Window

The central figure of the large Triple Window portrays Christ the Messiah, holding the orb of the world in His hands, surmounted by the Cross, significant of the fact that His rule of love and sacrifice. Directly behind Our Lord is a large Cross with the symbols of the Alpha and Omega and the three nails. The upper portion of the three panels, reading from left to right, depict the symbols of the Holy Trinity. In the larger medallions of the Nativity, and the Phoenix, representing the Resurrection.

At the base of the three panels are the following emblems:

        • The seven branch candlestick, symbolic of the Pentecost.
        • The Fountain of Life symbolizing Waters of Life.
        • The Cup and Water with grapes and wheat representing Holy Communion

The Side Windows

The twenty-four side windows at the top of the church are memorial windows. The first 12 were installed along the south side in 1959. The 12 on the north side were installed in 1964. Each is identical, except for the medallions in the center representing the twelve apostles (south side) and the minor prophets (north side).


The North Windows:
The Minor Prophets



Prophet of the Northern Kingdom - Shattered Idol
The ten tribes seceded, set up an independent kingdom with the golden calf as the official national god.

The South Windows:
The Twelve Apostles

Property Overview > Church Exterior and Interior > Stained Glass Windows > Fellowship Hall